About The Author

Born and raised in the United Kingdom (London), I was inspired

to write about life in the form of poetry from an early age.

During the early nineties, I became more focused on my poems and began to write about everyday life.

I realised that you cannot please everyone in life, by the things that you say or do.

Some people get offended by the truth......they don't want to hear the truth about self or others.

We live in a society where people put down others, to feel good about self; whether as an individual, as people, or as an ethnic group.

Notice, I have referred to an ethnic group and not race? This is simply because all human beings belong to one race and that's the human race.

However, people do derive from different ethnic groups.

In some of the poems I have written, you will notice that the word race is used.

I have used this terminology to make valid points, about the way human beings behave towards each other.

My poems cover most aspects in life from love, hate, family, friends, relationships, death, stereotypes and racism (ethnocentrism).

You can either like these poems or scream and shout that they are outrageous or preposterous. But as I said, people tend to get offended by the truth, because the truth hurts.